Can Ketamine Therapy be a frightening experience?

Who will oversee my IV Ketamine session?

Will I have privacy during my session?

What will I experience in the Ketamine treatment room?

What kind of music should I listen to during and after the Ketamine session?

What are the side effects? Will I stop breathing?

Is ketamine safe for kids? Can my 13 year old daughter receive treatment?

I read an article where a university professor said that ketamine is promising but that it is not ready for prime time. If she is a professor she is not biased, right?

What does it mean to use ketamine “Off Label?”

Ketamine is generic. Why isn't Ketamine Therapy cheaper?

Why do some people refer to ketamine as a “horse tranquilizer?”

How did you come up with the idea that the experiential aspect of ketamine is an important part of the therapy?

Other clinics have trademarked proprietary formulations of ketamine with catchy names. Do they know something that you guys don’t?

Do I need a referral to be seen at Ketamine Clinic RX?

What kind of clinicians open ketamine centers?

Do you provide primary mental health services?

Does Ketamine Clinic RX offer training programs for other clinicians?

I read some articles that marijuana and LSD can be helpful for treating depression. Would it be a good idea for me to do one or both of these before my session and not tell you about it?

My boyfriend is an ER nurse and he has administered ketamine many times. Would it be helpful if I brought him along to give you some suggestions regarding dosing?