Intravenous ketamine therapy can be an effective treatment for anxiety sufferers because it works quickly with minimal side effects.  Unlike prescription medications that can take months to work, ketamine infusions are administered on a short timeline until symptoms disappear. The occasional bout of anxiety is a normal part of life. However, some people experience anxiety more frequently and they might feel an intense and persistent fear or worry over daily situations. This is considered an anxiety disorder. People with anxiety disorders can have panic attacks very suddenly. 

Most patients suffering from mood disorders and anxiety notice a reduction in symptoms after their first or second infusion. Patients utilizing ketamine for anxiety may be able to reduce their dependency on prescription drugs to manage their symptoms.  They may also find that they have more energy available to make the lifestyle changes needed to keep anxiety at b...


Depression affects approximately 17% of the population at some point in life.  First line treatment options normally consist of a class of drugs known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs).  While SSRIs are highly effective at resolving depression in some patients, they come with significant limitations.  These limitations include low response rates, treatment resistance, high incidence of relapse, and a delay in efficacy that requires patients to take one of many SSRIs for weeks to months before seeing any benefit.  This lag-time in efficacy can be fatal in cases where suicidal ideations also occur, which is very common in depressed patients. Ketamine has been found to relieve the symptoms of depression within hours, rather than the usual weeks most antidepressants can take. 


Depression has long been thought to be due to a neurochemical imbalance, which is why SSRIs are thought to help.  ...